From the Desk of Pastor Ted… (May Newsletter)

Posted on April 24, 2012


From the Desk of Pastor Ted…
Notice of a Special Meeting of the Congregation:

Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 9:30 a.m.

Item 1. Enter Into A Preliminary Design Agreement
Item 2. Approve the Funding for the Agreement

What is This Meeting About?  What Will Be Decided?

At the 2011 Annual Meeting, it was requested of the Council to bring to the 2012 Annual Meeting a “Master Plan” for the building.  It is to reflect some of the ideas and hopes generated over the past several years together with assessment of the current building realities.  The council batted this about all year and arranged to meet four architects in April.  In reflecting on their interviews they unanimously chose to recommend Mr. Robin Roberts.  While a “Master Plan” might not be completed by theJune 24, 2012Annual Meeting, the congregation is urged to enter into a contract with Mr. Roberts at the Special Congregational Meeting on May 13.

      Two decisions will be considered by the congregation on May 13: Item 1) to enter into a contract with Robin Roberts (Preliminary Design Agreement) to develop and present a “Master Plan” to Dekorra that is based on criteria being established by the council and by Mr. Roberts, and, Item 2) to agree on the specific way to pay for this contract.  While appropriate funds are already available for the full cost of the contract and the council has constitutional authority to enter this contract on behalf of the congregation the council chose to bring both questions to the congregation in a special meeting (May 13).  Please join us and participate in the decisions.

What is NOT Being Decided?  What Will NOT Happen Because of This Meeting?

Special Meetings of the congregation may only act on specific resolutions or questions included in the meeting’s official announcements.  So, recognizing the two items stated above, no actual demolition or construction will occur because of the two May 13 decisions.  The decisions are only to contract with an architect to make a specific plan and design that can be later considered by the congregation (construction requires additional contracts, a clear financial plan and congregational approval.)  Mr. Roberts will assess the current building, provide a number of input meetings (to discuss and review needs, ideas and possibilities), provide budget details of specific construction estimates, and offer contracting options for construction.  Again, no actual demolition/construction will happen based on the decisions of the May 13 meeting.

This is a Great Time To Become Part of the Process

Mr. Roberts has already begun some preliminary thinking about Dekorra’s building based on initial perceptions, personal knowledge of the previous architect, and information he’s already received.  As ideas form and input meetings with members of the congregation occur an overall plan will form and be further modified.  Now is the time to become involved in the process, providing your own ideas, reflections, and thoughts. 

      I’ll be interested in connecting all of the conversation with Dekorra’s sense of mission.  A Master Plan for renovations of a church building need to be in service to the congregation’s mission and visions of ministry, whether referring to existing programs or newly forming possibilities.  Be part of the discussions that will emerge should the two items to be considered on May 13 become adopted by the congregation.

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