From the Desk of Pastor Ted… Feb. 24, 2013

Posted on February 22, 2013


(Initial post for Community Congregational Presbyterian Church in Schofield.)

From the Desk of Pastor Ted…  (What is it?)

I use the phrase “From the Desk of Pastor Ted…” as the heading for musings and information that I wish to distribute to people in the congregation.  The writing might contain announcements but more often provide information, background, thoughts, sometimes endlessly long explanations (reading material to induce slumber?), etc.  This might be in bulletins or included in a newsletter, or simply on-line, like a blog.  And, actually, I will make my “From the Desk…” writing available on my website:


There is a theme for today’s worship service – Parable: A Fig Tree That Bears No Fruit.  On the back of this page is a handout with more information and a series of Bible stories that could serve as devotional readings for the week.

Worship Planning

I’d like to meet with a group of people who have an interest in helping to plan Sunday worship services.  This could be the existing “Worship and Fellowship Committee” or perhaps a “sub-group” that works regularly with me concerning details of our worship (hymns, what to include, creative ideas, leading, etc.)  Let me know if you have this kind of interest.

Contact Information

I can be contacted most any time via my cell phone.  My phone also receives emails and text messages.  My email is:

Retreats – How Does CCPC Work?

Based on workshops by Peter Steinke that promote Family Systems ideas within congregational life, I’d like to organize a number of “Retreats” for the congregation… perhaps one or two for this spring.  Somebody suggested to me the idea of beginning a one-day retreat after Sunday worship, enjoying a meal together, and completing the retreat by mid-afternoon.  Share with me whether you might find this kind of retreat interesting and perhaps helpful to the life of the congregation during this transition time at CCPC.