From the Desk of Pastor Ted… April 2013 Newsletter

Posted on March 9, 2013


Holy Week Worship Plans

Holy Week worship (Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday) is a dramatic time in the Church Year.  We begin on Passion Sunday (also known as Palm Sunday).  Worship focuses on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and then moves into the passion story (Jesus’ betrayal and the events leading to his crucifixion.)  I’ll be trying to form a worship planning team that might help to organize and present a dramatic presentation of the passion narrative that highly involves the congregation.

Thursday of Holy Week is called Maundy Thursday and it includes a uniquely special worship experience.  The word “Maundy” comes from a Latin word meaning “mandate” (command).  So, what is the command of Maundy Thursday?  It is to love one another with the kinds of love Jesus demonstrated.  It is a worship service celebrating community, being and sharing together as the body of Christ.  Focus points for Maundy Thursday include a confession with a particularly strong emphasis on forgiveness (completing Lent’s introspective emphasis), celebrating our community as God’s forgiven people, the Lord’s Supper (communion), and finally an ominous reminder of Jesus’ betrayal.

We then wait a few days (remembering Jesus’ crucifixion and burial) and join together again on Easter morning to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  We celebrate the new life and eternal blessings proclaimed by Jesus’ being raised from death to life.  Holy Communion will be a part of the Easter worship service.

Join us for all three special worship experiences and enter into the drama of Holy Week.  Place these worship services on your calendars and make them a top priority:

  • Sunday, March 24 at 10 am – Passion Sunday (Palm Sunday)
  • Thursday, March 28 at 7 pm – Maundy Thursday
  • Sunday, March 31 at 10 am – Easter Morning

Worship Planning Team

I briefly met with about ten members of the congregation to talk about some specific worship planning questions.  I would like to continue meeting with people who have an interest in more worship discussion and organizing, especially relative to Holy Week worship.  We’ll meet on Monday, March 11 at 6:30 pm and Sunday, March 17 at 11:15 am (after worship).  Join Us!!