From the Desk of Pastor Ted… March 3, 2013

Posted on March 9, 2013


Changing of Seasons – Looking Forward

I’m noting today that people are talking about “Spring” already.  There is a kind of optimism about this talk… but Spring actually begins on March 20.  And, as we know, our particular climate tends to give us some exciting winter weather throughout March and April… even May can provide some snow surprises.  As eager as we might be for the season of Spring, it might be smart to not get “ahead of the season.”  Keep the car prepared for more winter weather for a while.  It might still be a too early to remove the house’s storm windows.  Give things a bit more time.

Why did this come to mind?  During interim times, I’ve seen people want to get “ahead of the seasons,” as in let’s just get this calling a new pastor business done!  Another approach is to allow sufficient time and development to happen so that we are doing what best matches the “season.”  It is to look forward, to prepare what needs to be prepared, to live in the realities of the moment, and to make the changes appropriate to the changing seasons.

Be assured, nobody will be trying to stop Spring from happening in terms of the interim process… the shifts toward a new pastorate at Covenant Community Presbyterian Church will happen.  Leaders of the congregation will be encouraged to be as aware as possible about how the transition processes are developing and what kinds of decisions and changes best correlate with the “changing seasons” and congregational needs.

Worship Planning

A few people mentioned to me an interest in some “hands-on” opportunity in terms of planning the congregation’s worship services.  With the committee meetings set for Monday, I’d like to invite people with such an interest to meet with me at 5:30 pm on Monday (the hour before the Worship and Fellowship Committee meeting.)  All are invited to join me for some conversation.

Congregational Workshops/Retreats (in April?)

This is only an idea at the moment… but I’ll be talking more about the possibilities… whether we could organize some events for people to talk about HOW Covenant Community lives and works.  Watch for more information as plans develop.