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Christmas Day – 2011

December 25, 2011


A Christmas Message from ELCA Bishop Mark Hanson: Video Format Text of Bishop Hanson’s Message ChristPower – A Christmas Poem of Bishop John Shelby Spong

On Communion for ALL Ages

November 22, 2011


Today’s Order of Worship is an Insert – The Liturgical Year Since the space inside the cover is normally used for the order of worship I will use the space to provide some information about communion for “all-the-baptized”.  These excerpts are part of the 1997 ELCA document called The Use of the Means of Grace.  […]

The Use of the Means of Grace (1997 ELCA Worship Statement)

October 22, 2011


Note – This document has served as a basis for the liturgical and hymnal developments in the ELCA during the 1990’s and onward.  The descriptions of theological principles and practical applications provide consistency and clarity for the church and its corporate worship. EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH IN AMERICA The Use of the Means of Grace A Statement […]

The Ministry of the Baptized

December 14, 2010


by Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook , Fredrica Harris Thompsett “This is something I have found to be true without exception: that when we, any of us, focus on things in our lives that are passing away, we get scared, we get anxious, we get depressed, we lose hope; and when we focus on things that are […]

Essay by Peter Steinke

November 27, 2010


THERE ONCE WAS A WORLD by Peter L. Steinke There once was a world where the church functioned according to what some have called the “attractional” model (others have named it the participatory model). People come to a place, consume the spiritual goods, and serve as patrons to “meet the budget.” But a shift has […]

In These Times

August 6, 2010


Geoffrey’s been a “church guy” for most of his life. Even though he’s a young adult, he buys the idea of organized religion. He has elected not to follow the majority of his age cohort in the false choice of “rejecting religion in favor of spirituality.” Lately, though, Geoffrey has been rethinking his loyalties and what’s behind […]